Squash 57 in Cheshire

We need you to help us promote and develop this sport in the county

Why the change of name?

The use of the term Racketball has/is causing issues, for example:

  • In USA where they have Racquetball, an obvious clash. The IRF ran a parallel masters Racquetball+Racketball event and it caused confusion when signing up so they had to use Squash57 and now Squash US are planning Squash57 events so all the more reason to use Squash57
  • In Australia they have their own version of the game that is closer to Racquetball but played on a squash court
  • The WSF  use the term Squash 57  and plan to standardise the balls. There are specs in the rules for black and blue balls but the manufacturers do not follow the specs, with some black balls now being bouncier than some blue balls, which has caused issues with a number of players and doesn’t help when bringing new players into the game.

Squash57 tournament

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Squash57 league

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