Coaching in Cheshire

Coaches registered with England Squash

242 coaches listed

117 level 1

61 level 2

10 level 3

38 coach members

204 non members

Our aim is to have at least one qualified coach in every squash venue in Cheshire.

We need your club to help us do that.

Level 2 Course



Alderley Edge Squasah Club


Course Duration

The course will be run over two weekends


Course Tutor

Matt McFahn


January 12/13  and February 16 

 Course Fee

£260Cheshire Squash will try to obtain some funding, 

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Cheshire Coaches

Peter Billson

County Development Coach

Bowdon Club Coach


Matt McFahn

Alderley Club Coach

Level 4

Coach Tutor


Jaish Talib

Coaches at Warrington Sports


Martin Brooke

Coaches at Marple

junior Club Groups


Rod Howell

Occasional coaching at Barnton

Rachael Chadwick

Coaches at Neston, Chester Rugby 

Graham Woods

Coaches at Knutsford Sports

David Whitehead

Coaches at Tattenhall

Jo Woods

Coaches at Warrington, Village Warrington

James Asher

Currently coaching in Philadelphia

Chris Longman

Currently coaching in Philadelphia

Ged Ilott

Coaches at Barnton

Alan Batchelor

Coaches at Prestbury

Jake Robinson

Coaches at NSC, Bowdon

Elliott Browne

David Lloyd

Andy Whipp

Coaches at Hough End

Pat Bevan

Ian Walton

Coaches at Chester Rugby

Adult groups
Junior Squash Saturday am


Steve White

Coaches at Hyde Cricket

Junior Club


Brian Lomas

Coaches at prestbury

Naboth Tinarwo

Coaches at Crewe Vagrants, Total Fitness Crewe


Martin Brooke

Coaches at Hyde Cricket

Dave Easton

Coaches at Crewe Vagrants

Becs (Ruby) Bate

Coaches at Warrington

Junior Squash Saturday Morning


Nathan Taylor-Wilson

Coaches at Warrington Sports


Adam Murrills

Coaches in British Virgin Islands

Mohammed Alani

Oliver Harris

Michael Kitching

Christian Ogden

Keith Palmer

Annette Pilling

Ian Powell

Masambo Selisho

Philip Robinson

John Sisson

Anthony Wagstaff

Barry Watkins

Robert Williamson

Lucy Atkinson

Anna Vaughan-Hawkins

Kirsty West

Garth Van der Wath

Emily Powell

Jules Silvera

Ryan Loska

Nathan Mayers

Matthew Parks

Sarah Hall

Craig Belfield

Robbie Blair

Mick Broomhall

Gary Colvin


George Dobson


Dan Bradley

Andrew Forrest

Jamie Chalcraft

Paul Chapman

Ian Furlonger

Max Gibbs

Dave Gipson

Matt Godson

Gavan Hitchenor

Rory Hughes

Jon Hunter

Callum Ingram-Taylor

Stephen Jackson

Andrew Keeble

Ian Kippax

Carl Mason

Finlay Martin

Young leader's qualification